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2 min readAug 6, 2019



The Access to Information Programme under the Ministry of ICT of the Government of Bangladesh along with its partners Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and ID2020 are jointly soliciting responses to an RFI. A2i and its partners Gavi and ID2020 are committed to jointly researching and implementing a unique ID for infants through digitisation of vaccination processes in Bangladesh.

The program will provide infants and children with a portable, biometrically-linked digital ID either at the point of birth registration or at the time of their immunizations, simultaneously supporting three shared objectives:

  • Driving improvements in CRVS coverage and process
  • Supporting improvements in vaccination process and equity
  • Ultimately, supporting access to rights and services throughout one’s life-course.

Given high immunization coverage rates in Bangladesh, the primary aim of the project will be to drive improvements in CRVS coverage and to facilitate interoperability between the various siloed databases currently in use. When the digital child health card linked with country’s NID system is seen as an entry point for a user-centric, portable digital identity, rather than an end in and of itself, the benefits extend far beyond immunization. As children age, the same ID may be used to enroll in school, amass self-managed digital credentials, and access vital services and protections and finally NID card.


Information is required regarding biometric scanners capable of capturing the fingerprint biometrics of parents during phase 1 with the ambition to also effectively capture infant biometrics in phase 2. Scanners can be cabled or Bluetooth. Scanners must be a minimum of FBI certified FAP30, portable, robust and capturing a minimum of 500 pixels per inch. Please state the port type on the scanner(s), for example, micro USB, USB C, or other.

Information may also be included on the cases that are available for these scanners either a case which incorporates a mobile device which could be used for running Health Worker Apps (e.g. for data capture) or for the scanner (and cable) alone.


To submit a compliant response to this RFI all organisations must complete in full the response form contained within section 5 of this document. Unless explicitly stated no additional information other than what has been requested will be reviewed by a2i as part of this RFI process, and where a question or section is not relevant to your organisation it must be clearly stated.



Release of RFI: 29/07/2019

Deadline for Questions: 08/08/2019

Deadline for return of RFI: 23/08/2019

Completed RFI submissions should be emailed as a PDF to by 13.00 GMT on 23/08/2019.

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The ID2020 Alliance is committed to the adoption and ethical implementation of user-managed, privacy-protecting, and portable digital ID solutions.